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It's All About Teamwork

Our roots are grounded in the Digital Asset Management system we created for Compaq Computer in 1997. Since then we have provided DAM services for the likes of NASCAR and American Airlines, and continue growing with others such as Valvoline, McCormick, MasterLock, and numerous major retailers around the country.

Jonathan Ensey

Managing Director

Jonathan provides proven insights for management, technical skills, business development and growth from over a decade of entrepreneurial and corporate achievement across several verticals. With exceptional experience launching and leading two successful businesses, his talents are honed from several years as Senior Partner at GoThink! before forming Honeycomb Digital. Jonathan crafts a vision of leadership purpose that guides integrity and dedication of service with a passion for people and excellence.

Jordan Gray

Senior Director, Digital Asset Management / CIO / CTO

Working with small teams to global groups of thousands, Jordan is responsible for software engineering, technical operations, enterprise Information Systems and data operations. His commitment for internet-based solutions began in 1999 when he launched his first technology company. Since then he has created and managed digital innovations for continuous delivery, automation, virtualization, storage, file share and search for cloud collaboration. His range of development and delivery include Master Lock, Valvoline, Harley Davidson, Barnes & Noble, and many others.

Trudy Campagna

Senior Director, Production and Image Services

Trudy is an expert in creative management and image production. She began her career 35 years ago working for her family-owned printing company and eventually joined Adplex where she led production teams for over 19 years. Prior to joining Honeycomb Digital, she served as Senior Partner at GoThink! responsible for all production art for clients such as Safeway, United Supermarkets, King Soopers, and other notable organizations.

Eddie Boggs

Director of Photography

Eddie began his practice 37 years ago in large format photography for Bernhardt, Broyhill, Drexel Heritage, and major retailers J.C. Penny, Sears, Brendall’s, and Family Dollar. In 1992 he helped pioneer the industry from film to digital as he worked for major companies such as Eagle Electric, Food Lion, United Foods, Giant Foods Hannaford, Sweetbay, Aaron Brothers, Michaels and others. He is experienced in all aspects of photography including fashion, food prep and styling, art direction and set construction.


We strive to build a movement that affects lasting positive change by inspiring others through our excellence in integrity, service & innovation.


We are on the forefront of commerce, digital asset management, marketing resource management, collaboration technology, and procurement and delivery solutions. In all aspects of the organization, we eagerly seek to solve problems and pioneer new opportunities while facing challenges with a positive and resourceful attitude.


We care about the success of our customers, our partners, and our people, nurturing a culture of excellence through continuous improvement and diligence to deliver the highest quality of service. We celebrate our customers achievements as well as our own, inspiring trust from internal and external stakeholders. We work as one to the betterment of everyone.


We are guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our business is built on longterm relationships, founded on trust and cultivated by doing what we say we will. We lead by example and seek to treat our customers and partners with respect, honesty, and fairness.

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