FAA Deadline for Remote ID Compliance - Sep 16, 2023

Contact us regarding your need for RIDs, we do have a Midwest strategic partner with availability presently. (While supplies last – expect delivery in first weeks of this september within the US.)

Remote ID Modules - Check Availability

Drone Docking Stations – Now Available

DroneDock STRIX 1600

Immediately Available (Aug/Sep 2023) Contact us at Honeycomb Digital. We are a STRIX Authorized Global Reseller. Bring your own drone (BYOD) – Reminder to have Remote ID Complaint Drones after September 16, 2023. Contact us if you are trying to source modifications for existing drones and you’re having trouble finding available RIDs / Remote ID modules for FAA compliance

STRIX Drones Docking Station offers a secure and safe landing, shelter, recharge, and data download point. This capability enables drones to autonomously advance and fulfill missions, eliminating the necessity for manual operator intervention.

  • Smart Charging
  • Universal landing pad allows for any drone type or model
  • Internal Climate Control 
  • Telemetric Weather 
  • Real-Time Alert 
  • Multi-Station Connection
  • Built with high-quality Aluminum and Composite Materials

DJI Dock

Immediately Available (Aug/Sep 2023) Contact us & get the goods from our Midwest strategic partner for their authorized installation & setup training. All drones are Remote ID Complaint that come with the installation of the DJI Dock. Plan for 1-2 days to complete installation & training. Trust Honeycomb Digital for additional training & ongoing support.

DJI Drone Docks are drone hangars that are designed to be robust and dependable, capable of continuous operation around the clock, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Within each DJI Dock, a Matrice 30 is stationed, serving as a platform for landing, recharging, takeoffs, and the execution of pre-programmed missions using DJI FlightHub 2.

  • Integrated and Easy to Deploy
  • 7km Operating Radius 
  • Fast Charge for Minimal downtime
  • Work Smarter with Automation
  • Cloud Management at Your Fingertips
  • Support for Private Development
  • -35℃ to 50℃ Operating Temperature
  • Open Edge Computing