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After two decades of building digital ecosystems for agencies & enterprise businesses as well as CRMs, national franchise quoting systems, learning management systems, and eCommerce—we’ve honeycombed these all into one scalable mobile SaaS platform.  Tel: 1 (937) 860-0020

Harnessing the complexity of digital.


Now run your organization from a single app.


Imagine all of the tools your workforce needs, all in one place, and in one mobile application. Enable your workforce instead of frustrating them. The workforce of today and tomorrow will not be willing to endure the mishmash of applications and services that are not designed to work together. Workers that spend less time using effective digital tools experience less exhaustion.

Start simple and add the core components you need today to make a difference. Does your team need to see real-time postings from various departments to stay in the know?  Fragmented digital systems require extensive effort and is leading to a surge in workplace burnout. Available on iOS and Android.

» DAM SaaS + Mobile

» Quantum Tags (QTags)

» Inline Video Meetings

» Just-in-time Training

» Digital Asset Management

» QuickDocs


“Frustration equals exhaustion.”

Keep digital workflows simple & your assets secure.
Honeycomb everything. All in one platform (node).


Create open, or closed systems with internal newsfeeds, or external newsfeeds, or a blend of both. We recommend internal news feeds to keep multiple teams connected and in the know—realtime.


Automatically spawn a conference call with up to 50 people at any time from any message or email or interactive posting.

Custom Modules

Have a unique business process or a unique piece of software you would like integrated for your team? Let’s make productivity easier! Just Honeycomb it!

Asset Management

Digital asset management made easy when it is in line with all of your tools for your day-to-day business activities. Need to send a message or an email or a post with a gigabyte data file available to only certain people? No problem.

QR Scanner

From accelerated data entry to physical asset tracking in large manufacturing and industrial complexes integrated QR code scanning for managing tagged assets empowers auditing, data logging, surveys, just-in-time safety and operational training.


Flex.Email. We reimagined email to allow teams to move very large files, coordinate meetings and interact with other active task lists.


Connect with your team, using end and encrypted messaging. Replete with 5 minute snooze firewall to block unwanted overflow alerts.


Keep your business calendar content, separated from other workers home calendar, personal calendaring, so they have a dedicated view of activities related to work.


Create any type of media, anywhere, anytime. Define data points, workflows and syndicate or provide controlled access.


Launch with Nu Eyes Technologies, super bright smart glasses (PRO3e – 2000 nits and PRO3 – 1300 nits) 153″ wide AR viewing screen. Nu Eyes Technologies is a Honeycomb Digital technology integration partner. Create pilot integrations with other wearables. (Pro & Enterprise)


Just-in-time training is available more easily in your Honeycomb platform than ever before. Gone are the days of long drawn out courses and training where team is not able to retain so much complexity at once.


Create your own footprint of your business locations of buildings of any parts and pieces to your campus, to allow new staff, an existing workers to navigate easily, and communicate their whereabouts. Remote working service members or maintenance location broadcast or turned to privacy when not available.

“Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency…Reducing stress…” — Christina Scalise